Customer Support Center

Consulting on product selection

Come to HPC, We will help you in choosing the most suitable technology and equipment solutions, ensuring reliable operation with the most competitive cost.

  • Chúng tôi tư vấn sản phẩm phù hợp nhất cho quý khách hàng

24/7 support via hotline 18006547

When having problems or needing advice, customers can contact the Hao Phuong hotline 24/7 nationwide: 0379001367. We take care of and handle all the information requested by customers in a comprehensive and smooth way.

Surveying and installation

In order to provide our customers with the best solution, we always follow the surveying – consulting – installation process. Customers can feel secure when using products or solutions that Hao Phuong provides

After-sales technical support team

Being one of the first repairing and maintenance centers for electrical equipment in Vietnam and has been certified from major suppliers around the world. With a team of highly trained professionals directly from the factory, we are confident to meet all the needs of the repair and warranty of our customers. Especially, for convenience, Hao Phuong customers also have support services at the work site.