Tổng quan xưởng Hạo Phương


Hao Phuong’s factory has an area of more than 1,000m2, the airy design creates the best working environment for employees, as well as avoiding machine failures.

The workshop is clearly divided into different areas, the areas connected to each other help the working process to  be carried out in a professional process, to ensure delivery time on schedule:

  • Assembly area
  • The copper pipe processing area
  • Material preparation area
  • Packing area.
  • Area for construction equipment.

Hao Phuong is equipped with modern and handy tools and machines to assist in the installation process. So the work is done correctly, quickly and with maximum cost savings.

With the advantages of the Factory, Hao Phuong confidently receives all big and small projects according to the needs of customers and completes the project according to the plan.


Material preparation area

Here the materials for assembling electric cabinets and boards are fully prepared before the project.

Tool Area

Construction equipment area includes tools for steam drilling machines, hand drilling machine, pliers, scissors, …

Copper processing area

The area contains two small and large machines for cutting and bending copper.

Assembly area

Area of technical staff assembling electrical cabinets according to the project’s drawing.

Packing area

After the control panel projects are completed, they will be transferred to this area to pack and deliver to customers.

The modern equipment saves construction time for technical staff such as 3-ton crane,  operation principle testing cabinet and power supply for electrical cabinet, copper making machine, electric generator, copper plating, high-pressure pumps from 1000V-5000V …

Which product is suitable for you?

For quick advice with our experts, customers just need to call Hotline: 0379001367 or chat online (right corner of the screen). We always listen and research to provide the most suitable solution for customers. Hao Phuong is always ready to support customers quickly.